Experience Wedding & Event Flowers rooted in one-of-a-kind guest experiences 

Founded by the Type A production driven logistics of an award winning Wedding Planning-business, we welcome you to our floral and design studio.
At CJE Designs we want to celebrate you through the artistry of floral and event design. Known for our use of color through whimsical story telling, working with clients to create custom experiences with heart is where we shine.

Show us your bridal gown; we’ll design a bouquet that was made for you.

What makes you, YOU? We’ll shine your personality center stage through layers upon layers of detail. We refer to lighting, rentals, furniture and linens as the most pivotal accessories to any well dressed event. Your CJE designer will listen to your event’s every need as we manage every aspect for our Full Service clients.

What does dinner entail? We’ll create a tablescape so delicious your guests will run to their seats.


the founder


As our business enters its 10th year in the Wedding Planning, Floral and Event Design industry, I am proud to bring to you CJE Design. 

For my entire 13+ years in this beloved industry I have always been equal parts floral designer, equal parts planner.
To see the pure happiness in our Client’s faces come wedding day due to our wedding flowers has been a gift.
Backed by my ridiculously talented team of designers (I can’t wait for you to meet) it is time for our flower business to bloom and stand tall and bright. I have always believed a story is told in chapters. It builds through its beginning, middle and end.

At times it is soft or suspenseful. Hilarious, fun and loud.
The key to any good story? It is inspired, never plagiarized and has perspective.

Let us tell your celebratory story. As designers who (actually!) listen, we promise; it will be your favorite.

LOVES: Wallpaper, Peony Season, Colored Tapered Candles and my annual antique trip

chief CREATIVE officer

I’m Christine Janda Edelcup. Lets together make your celebration as beautiful as you are. 

the creative mastermind


Coming from New York to Chicago, Giora brings a world of experience, and exquisite style & sophistication to his designs

Giora’s 20+ years in event design and production experience span across the globe, having worked for some of the biggest names in the industry including Colin Cowie. 

Listening to Giora present a design plan to a couple is like witnessing an artist paint; watching him hug that same Client as he escorts them into their wedding reception for the first time will bring tears to your eyes.

There is just something incredibly special and infectious about the passion he has for design. His ability to capture the essence of our clients personalities through thoughtful design, paired with his masterful floral design skills, means no two events are alike. We are proud to have Giora lead our Event Design and Production team.



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the social & corporate guru

katy krantz

Katy’s eye for detail paired with her pure heart and soul she puts into every event she produces is why she is our social and corporate designer

Katy quite simply cares, above and beyond, leaving both vendors and Clients alike wanting her in their corner come event day.

Her experience is vast from producing weddings and corporate events at the Art Institute to being the lead sales director for the Luxury Catering Company, Truffleberry Market.

As CJDE’s most senior team member, Katy has a natural ability to walk into an empty room and design it in a way that speaks to both beauty and function. She has always loved intimate gatherings and event branding whether that be for CJE Design’s corporate Client Patron or for a Winnie the Pooh inspired Baby Shower. 

LOVES: coffee, ranunculus & poppy, dogs, fruity cocktails, anything pink, lake swims


the make it happen maven


With her wit and sense of humor, Sami is always there to put a smile on our faces and make any install one to remember

Our Jill of All Trades, Sami is our right hand for all of CJE Design. From updating floor plans, confirming floral orders and triple checking rental orders, our TX native Sami finalizes every last detail with precision.

On event day you’ll see Sami here, there and everywhere! She is a pivotal set of design hands on-site and the glue that holds us all together. 

LOVES: HYPNOSIS CARNATIONS, thrifting, baking,arts & crafts, molly's cupcakes, ANIMALS 


the numbers guy

brent edelcup

Brent provides both financial and organizational insight that has played a vital role in ensuring the financial health and success of our growing businesses

After years of operating an independent pharmacy, with Brent as our CFO be rest assured, he’s dedicated to keeping our financial house (and your event) in order, so we can continue delivering exceptional products and services to you.

A bonus? He’s a jack of all trades and can be found on an 18’ ladder on event day or installing various custom builds.

LOVES: Fine line tattoos, Comedy, Construction, homemade bagels 


All about

Storytelling. The power of negative space. Owning color. Layers upon layers of detail over. Seasonal Flowers. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes more is more. 


Cookie Cutter Anything. Designs that impede conversation. Creased, un-steamed linen. Lighting as an after thought. Missing opportunities to repurpose flowers. 

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that make lifetime memories

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